Beauty is found in the little moments of life's interactions.

When time stands still...

I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to capture the essence of your moment so that you may cherish it for a lifetime.

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My name is Layla, I'm an Adventure Wedding & Portrait photographer based in Central Michigan.

I believe capturing human connection and authentic moments produce the most powerful images.



Essence Imagery, MI Lifestyle Photographer  #capturetheessence

His touch was gentle but strong...

a constant support of comfort

and love to her

throughout their day...

A gentle reminder of 

this is us,

walking together,

surrounded by the ones

who love us the most. 

It was beautiful

and didn't go unnoticed...

In their home you will hear

little bare footsteps as they run across the hardwood floor...

followed by the beautiful sounds

of laughter shared by all.

I could feel the fullness

of joy in the air...


this was home...

Essence Imagery, MI Lifestyle Photographer  #capturetheessence
Essence Imagery, MI Lifestyle Photographer  #capturetheessence

Their love for each other grew deeper and deeper everyday...

Now their love has grown a darling baby girl...

May she grow up to know the depth of love that started it all.

My Approach

My style is more of an organic approach, allowing me to capture real and authentic moments. During my time with you, I focus on creating a fun, laid back experience. I will have you running together, snuggling one another, and sneaking in sweet little kisses.  You will be given an action, which creates beautiful and genuine reactions.


Essence Imagery Photography

Photography is  a visual language that transcends all language barriers. 

A mother's touch... 

A warm embrace...

The purity in a child's eyes...

All can be understood because an image tells the same story in all languages.


It gives me immense joy and honor to be welcomed into my client's lives!

Sound like we are a good fit?


Central Michigan Based          Available for nation-wide travel